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George Bernard Shaw said, ‘There is no accomplishment so easy to acquire as politeness, and none more profitable.’

Being able to present oneself with confidence in business and social situations is a necessary and valuable skill.  Nada Jreissati Daher can help.

Nada is a Master Certified Coach and Master Trainer and holds an MBA degree and coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation.

Born in Lebanon, Nada spent her adolescence in Mexico, and then has worked in the Middle East and interacted with European Countries. 

She is the second in a family of four children, each with their own success story.  Nada and two of her siblings have been listed in Who’s Who - Nada in the 2008 Honors book edition as a leader in her field.  She was married at age 16, yet persisted in her education, speaks and writes fluently in English, Arabic and French and can also do well in Spanish.

Nada’s employment history is impressive, as well, including accomplishments such as high level management positions in human resources, conducting training courses, seminars, and workshops, teaching core and expert courses in a number of complex computer software programs, and creating an Information Technology department for a recent client who hired her as a consultant.

Nada draws on her impressive work experiences, her diverse cultural background, and the joy and satisfaction she derives from teaching, to help her clients achieve success in their endeavors. 

Whether she is employed to assist an individual or an entire company, Nada is an outstanding trainer in any aspect of life - Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching, or Civility Coaching.

Civility Coaching involves assisting the client in the nuances of business or social etiquette, particularly when visiting foreign countries.  This may involve guidelines for doing business in the country, proper greetings, protocols, and suggested attire, to subtleties such as gift giving, male/female interactions and the like.

Nada’s fifteen years of experience in University Education, Consulting and Training, especially in the Middle East and GCC countries, notably Dubai, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and her native Lebanon where the culture includes a combination of Arab and Western traditions, helped her acquire a solid knowledge of intercultural relations.

Nada has published several articles about doing business in the Middle East and her e-book, ‘Dubai Concierge’ has helped thousands of people to avoid pitfalls when visiting from different cultures.

Nada credits her love of reading and discovering, as the fundamentals that have supported her drive to succeed by helping others find their own success.  She is recognized by her clients and peers as one who never gives up, and never turns away a question that needs answering or a problem that needs solving.  She says, ‘I feel so happy when I make a difference.’

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